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Dec 10, 2013 7:00am EST
healthcare departments and a lot of the for boomers are opting in-home care rather than going to rehab services. quality l you that the of care in a home health service sending hospitals are these patients home to is not class.first some of the people that have been in my home, i don't even think that they have any medical experience at all. we had a very horrible story i won't go into. hospitals t the should present you with a bill as soon as you check out. everything is on bar code. there is no reason they can't give you at least an estimated it's going to cost you when you check out just like when her gentleman said motel. in a >> elizabeth rosenthal, i'll let you jump in. see and i think what we what you're referring to is more and more of hospital care. right? y fragmented, so there's a lot that's utsourced and it's hospital doesn't dough its own home healthcare so there is another profit that is doing that. the dialysis may be outsourced for example. you go to an emergency room in most cases now, the emergency separate rs are a bill. they're doing their own billing. we can'
Dec 2, 2013 7:45am EST
healthcare services, as long death as well as the older people who might need more, in order for there to be a good risk balance. that is a big concern. i think with the administration, they really wanted, maybe if you are a young adult under 26, you have insurance under your parent plan and then you turned 27 and do not have insurance anymore, you have been used to having insurance, u.s. in the benefits, and that might prompt you to get a plan. a person under 30 in the exchanges can buy catastrophic gives you the basic services, emergency room coverage, for a lower cost. you get fewer services covered, but at a more affordable rate. they are trying to make this work so young people do enter the marketplaces and get the insurance coverage and really make the benefit work for them. >> on twitter -- is that something you can speak to? >> it is true in a lot of the states, especially those running their own exchanges, there is a huge difference between what the cost of the plan is in mississippi, versus a plan in kentucky. are federallyese run exchanges, each state has its own plans
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2